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Botanical Funerals is a Melbourne based funeral firm founded by 6th generation funeral director Ian Allison. Botanical Funerals offer an exceptional high standard of service for a beautiful funeral.

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Funeral Director & Cremation Services Melbourne

Experts In Funeral Care

Botanical Funerals is a Melbourne based funeral firm founded by sixth generation funeral director Ian Allison. Botanical Funerals offer an exceptional high standard of service and support the way you want your loved one’s funeral. You are at the centre of what we do, and we want the best outcome for you and your family.

We hold funeral services and cremation services throughout Melbourne in chapels, churches, reception centres, sports clubs, vineyards, and even in the peaceful surrounds of a garden. We can provide your family with all types of services, from burials or cremations, religious funeral services through to non-religious funeral services or pre-paid funeral services. Our committed and experienced team members will accompany you before, during, and after the funeral. As a family owned and operated funeral home, we proudly continue a tradition of delivering high quality funeral services that we have done for over 150 years using a contemporary and unique approach.

Botanical Funerals is devoted to giving back to the community. Ian is heavily involved with Suicide Prevention Australia having experienced the loss of his Mother and when engaging Botanical Funerals you’re helping save lives.

Call Ian on 03 9706 3136 to discuss your family’s needs.

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Being a 6th generation Funeral Director, Ian Allison has grown up with funerals his whole life, with a wealth of knowledge passed down from one generation to the next.

Here are the 10 questions he is asked the most:

  • 1

    “What’s important in choosing a funeral home?”

    In choosing a funeral provider, you should consider that levels of service, quality and value vary greatly among the industry. People commonly choose us for our experience, professional standards, service and value. We support you the way you want the funeral.

  • 2

    “Why should I pre-arrange my funeral?”

    Relieve the burden of your loved ones having to arrange and finance your funeral.

    • Ensure your funeral will be carried out according to your wishes.

    Save money in the long-run. By taking out a pre-paid funeral your funeral costs are fixed at today’s value which allows you to save significant money in the long-term. Ask us to calculate how much you can save.

    • Enjoy the protection of a capital guarantee. Your original and any subsequent net investments, plus declared bonuses, are guaranteed upon your death.

    Flexible contribution options allows you to save for the cost of your funeral expenses progressively or with a simple lump sum.

  • 3

    “Why have a funeral?”

    Psychologists cite a number of reasons for holding funeral rituals. They make the dead “safely dead,” dispatched with proper ceremony to rest in peace. They confirm the deceased and their survivors matter, and that the community will continue. They provide structure in the midst of chaos and disorder, and ensure communal support for survivors during a stressful time.

  • 4

    “Should I choose burial or cremation?”

    People will often choose burial for cultural or religious reasons or if there is an existing family grave. While burial allows for a service at a chapel or church followed by a graveside service, cremation is commonly undertaken privately, whereby there is no attendance at the crematorium. Therefore, with cremation funerals, the funeral is usually all completed in one location.

  • 5

    “Who should you notify after a death?”

    There are a number of people to contact after someone dies. A helpful list has been provided by the Department of Human Services which you can download here.

  • 6

    “How can I personalise my loved one’s funeral?”

    With personalised elements of the deceased tastes and values, those left behind can recreate an intimate connection with the deceased while honouring their life. To personalise your loved one’s funeral, you may choose:

    • Readings or poems recalling the life of the deceased.

    • Music and songs that contribute to the funeral.

    • Symbols and gestures that help honour the deceased such as the placing of flowers on the coffin, a memory table of the deceased favourite items or the creation of a service booklet.

  • 7

    “What should I do with the ashes after cremation?”

    There are many choices available to you in relation to what to do with the ashes. You may wish to keep them at home in an urn or share them between relatives and friends in several urns. Alternatively, you may wish to scatter them in a special location or memorialise the ashes in a cemetery or memorial park.

  • 8

    “How do you announce a death?”

    Death notice

    The announcement in the death notices section of the newspaper usually includes the deceased’s surname, first name and age, even the date and place of death. Also, people often include the names of the closest relatives of the deceased such as parents names, partner’s names, in-laws, children and grand-children.

    Funeral notice

    The funeral includes information about the ceremony: date, location and time and information about the burial or cremation.

  • 9

    “What’s involved in repatriating the body of a deceased person overseas?”


    Transportation of your loved one into our care from their place of death.

    Consultation With Family

    We discuss with you exactly what you would like and guide you through all the available options.

    Preparation for Consulate

    Preparation and lodgment of all necessary documentation for the airline, consulate, relevant government departments and receiving funeral home.

    Departure Airport

    We transport your loved one to the airport for their flight.

    Destination Airport

    The local funeral home pick-up your loved one and takes them into their care.

  • 10

    “How to choose a casket or coffin?”

    In selecting a casket or coffin people often look for a particular shape, colour, type of wood, fittings and interior. The shape can vary from your choice of casket or coffin and flat, tiered or domed lid. Colour choices range from light to dark shades, gloss, matt or satin finish, which are all options available in our range. Our caskets and coffin are derived from sustainable timber and include composite timber, pine, oak, blackwood or mahogany. Fittings and interiors also greatly vary depending on your needs, whether you prefer gold, silver or wooden handles and particular symbols added to the casket etc.

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Have another question not answered above? Ask Ian directly using our online form.

“What’s important in choosing a funeral home?”

In choosing a funeral provider, you should consider that levels of service, quality and value vary greatly among the industry. People commonly choose us for our experience, professional standards, service and value. We support you the way you want the funeral.

Transparent Pricing. Value For Money.

We have many choices and service options available for families.
We have four value for money packages or you can tailor your choices using our Funeral Pricing Tool.

Essential Care
Cremation Package


A private direct cremation without a ceremony or viewing.

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Private Gathering
Care Package


A simple coffin and private gathering in a small chapel with a viewing (if required).

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Green Care


An environmentally friendly coffin, a viewing and a ceremony at either Springvale, Altona, Bunurong, Fawkner or Lilydale crematorium.

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Complete Care


A choice of two different coffins, a viewing, a ceremony at either Springvale, Altona, Bunurong, Fawkner or Lilydale crematorium, service booklets and a funeral notice.

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None of our packages suit your needs? Get an instant quote using our funeral pricing tool, or call us on 03 9706 3136 to discuss the best option for you.

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For those interested in an online memorial, our eTributes provide a way for family and friends to express and share their thoughts on the person being remembered. Record condolences and tributes in text, audio, photographic, video formats and much more.

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What Makes Our Services Different?

Unique Service: As Ian’s ancestors were also funeral directors, you can expect a unique service standard and wealth of knowledge that has been transferred over generations. Combined with both traditional elements and a contemporary style of service, Botanical Funerals gives a memorable service to every family. You also have the option to choose either burial or cremation services according to your wishes or those of your loved one.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing: Many people often struggle to meet the budget required for a funeral service while farewelling their loved ones. At Botanical Funerals, we’ve designed four affordable customised pricing plans. You can compare the service inclusions offered by each plan and choose the one that meets your budget and service requirements or tailor a funeral to meet your specific needs.

Understanding of multicultural needs: As a multicultural family, we understand many of the diverse range of needs required by the community in assisting with specific cultural, religious, or family service requirements. Our caring and experienced staff are able to speak Cantonese and Mandarin, Haka, French, and Spanish.

Options for Preplanning: To help avoid both the emotional and financial burden falling on family members, Botanical Funerals offers both pre-arranged and pre-paid funerals. We take down all your wishes and every specific detail to allow a smoother process at the time of service delivery.

You Are Supporting a Great Cause

By engaging Botanical Funerals, you are contributing to the efforts of saving the lives of people through suicide prevention. Ian is highly involved in the efforts of Suicide Prevention Australia and is on a mission to help and save as many lives as possible.

After losing his mother in 2016, Ian began contributing both money and time to this great cause.

Help Save Lives

poster head

Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) is the chosen charity of Botanical Funerals.

We are committed to making regular donations in support of suicide reduction and you can contribute by purchasing these posters.


100% of all donations go directly to Suicide Prevention Australia.

*Please note all purchases provide a downloadable file for you to take to your local printer.

donations video

Shirlene Allison talks about supporting Suicide Prevention Australia and how you can help donate.

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Deaths by suicide in Australia each day – 1.9% of all deaths.


of deaths for people aged between 15-24
is from suicide.


Median age of people who have suicided.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are twice as likely to
die by suicide.

“At Botanical Funerals we believe that through understanding, collaboration and research we can together make a difference.”
Ian Allison
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