What Is A Pre-Paid Funeral?

A pre-paid funeral is a funeral purchased in advance and involves a formal contract between you and a funeral director. The contract specifies exactly what you want for your future funeral service and the goods and services that you want the funeral director to provide.

You pay for your funeral in advance and your investment is capital guaranteed which protects it from any issues of solvency. This also guarantees your initial and subsequent net contributions, plus declared bonuses, upon your death..

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Where is my pre-paid funeral money invested?

Your pre-paid funeral monies are managed by Australian Friendly Society which is associated with the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and specialises in both pre-paid funerals and funeral bonds. Australian Friendly Society manages over $100 million in both pre-paid funerals and funeral bonds throughout Australia making it one of the largest operators in the pre-paid funeral and funeral bond market nationally.

5 Reasons To Pre-Pay

Relieve the burden of your loved ones having to arrange and finance your funeral.

Ensure your funeral will be carried out according to your wishes.

Save money in the long-run. By taking out a pre-paid funeral your funeral costs are fixed at today’s value which allows you to save significant money in the long-term. Ask us to calculate how much you can save.

Enjoy the protection of a capital guarantee. Your original and any subsequent net investments, plus declared bonuses, are guaranteed upon your death.

Flexible contribution options allows you to save for the cost of your funeral expenses progressively or with a simple lump sum.

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Pre-planning with Botanical Funerals

Botanical Funerals keep the pre-planning process simple and flexible by allowing you to choose from several funeral packages or a funeral tailor made to enable you to specify exactly what you want in detail, call us today on 03 9706 3136 to arrange a quote. There is no age limit or medical questionnaire involved and you can modify your funeral when you want. We also offer you the ability to pay in either one lump sum or by small instalments.

“Our experienced pre-paid funeral consultants will listen to your wishes and needs in pre-planning your own or your loved one’s funeral and guide you step by step to ensure you make the right choices.” – Ian Allison (Director of Botanical Funerals)

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